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16 Fun and Challenging Quiz Round Ideas To Play With Friends

quiz round ideas

While several things have left our lives during lockdown and quarantine like going to work or school, having drinks at a bar, and dining out with friends. there is one activity that is definitely on the increase: Virtual Quiz Rounds.

Virtual quiz rounds are fun and easy ways to keep ourselves entertained and have some much-needed video call bonding with friends, family, and colleagues. Quizzes conducted over Zoom video calls have been a great way to have fun and connect with friends and loved ones over the past couple of months.

quiz round ideas

But with so many quizzes and still, quite a long time until we return to social normality we run the risk of becoming fatigued by the common general knowledge quizzes.

Take inspiration from our quiz round ideas that we listed below and add a different flavor to your next virtual quiz rounds. You may even win kudos as being quizmaster extraordinaire among your friends.

1. Music Round

quiz rounds

A music round is a good way to lift up the vibe in a quiz and when playing through Zoom, you can choose to share audio with friends so that they hear the song through their own computer.

You can do a musical intro round, where you play the first 10 seconds of a song and players have to guess the artists or the song title. You can also play the “what comes next” round where you play or sing a lyric and it’s up to players to sing the next line.

2. Baby Photos Round

unusual quiz rounds

This round can be done just with celebrities, politicians, friends, and players too. Show a baby picture to the group and they have to guess who it is.

3. TV/Movie Round

unusual quiz rounds

Copy and paste pictures of your friends, family, and players of the quiz onto characters from popular movies and TV shows and let the players guess the series or movie.

4. Guess The Recipe Round

quiz ideas

This can be done with food dishes, cocktail drinks, or pastries. Name the key ingredients of the food dish or drinks and make players guess what you’re making.

For example blueberries, graham crumbs, and cream cheese would be a Blueberry Cheesecake. Butter, cream cheese, and potatoes would be mashed potatoes.

5. “What Happens Next?” Round

fun quiz rounds

Play snippets of viral videos (like this lion and camper encounter) and pause it right before the main moment happens, asking players what happens next in the viral video. Many video conference call apps like Zoom and Google Hangout let you share your screen so you can play the clip to the players.

6. Name The Landmark Round

funny quiz rounds for friends

Using Google Earth, zoom in on a famous landmark so that only the view from the landmark is visible. Then ask players to guess the landmark. For example, this picture is of the Taj Majal, from Angra, India.

7. Bring Me Round

ideas for quiz rounds

With players taking part individually in their homes, it makes sense to make things more interesting and competitive with a bring me round.

Get players ready and instruct them to bring you back a household and everyday item, for instance, a feather duster. The first person you see show you the feather duster on your screen wins the point.

8. Guess The Famous Voice Round

funny quiz round ideas

The same with the music round, play an audio clip to teammates of a famous person speaking. The easiest way to do this is to search videos on YouTube for a celebrity interview and play a snippet where it’s just them talking and remember not to share your screen for this one. The first one to guess the right answer wins the point.

9. Guess The Celebrity Round

zoom quiz ideas

Collate a load of red carpet moments and get teammates to guess the celebrity behind the famous look. Hide the celebrity’s face and ask them to recall the A-Lister wearing the beautiful dress.

10. Songs Played Backwards Round

funny quiz rounds with friends

If you can find snippets of well-known and popular songs, you can reverse them in a free music software program such as Audacity. You may even be able to find some clips that are already reversed. For example, reverse some clips of Michael Jackson’s songs and let your friends identify them. It was surprisingly difficult, I recommend using well-known and popular songs for this round because they sound very different when reversed.

11. Famous Cats and Dogs Round

quiz round ideas

Find pictures of famous cats and dogs. It can be real or fictional. and get the players to identify them. Examples include Garfield, Hachiko, and Scooby-Doo, and I’m sure you can come up with some more challenging examples too like Boo, the most famous pomeranian on social media.

12. Close-up Photos of Objects Rounds

quiz round ideas

Go around your house and take extremely close-up photos of household objects. Choose the angle so that they are hard to identify. For example, the keyhole of a doorknob, the sole of a shoe, or the peals of any fruit or vegetable.

13. Celebrity Photos With Filter On Round

quiz round ideas

On a smartphone, it’s very easy to download a celebrity photo and apply a funny filter to it. There are several free apps with a lot of filters to choose from like the face swap filter of Snapchat. Use filters to make some celebrities look funny and less recognizable, and get the players to guess who the celebrity is.

14. Emoji Sentences Round

quiz rounds

Spell out sentences using only emojis and see if the players can work them out. It’s best if you have a theme, such as film titles, song titles, or sayings. For example, 🇺🇸🥧 would be “American Pie”.

15. The “Old Social Media Status” Round

quiz rounds

Dig through your friends’ Facebook and Twitter feeds to screenshot their most embarrassing and/or funniest statuses and ask players to guess who wrote them. They should be far enough in the past, 2007 is a good vintage. Even the ones who posted them would have forgotten posting it. 

Alternatively, you could focus on the old, controversial tweets of celebrities – but then you’d have to provide some kind of clue to help out your players. You could also give them multiple choice answers.

16. The Celebrity Tattoo Round

quiz rounds

Download a celebrity image and crop into the tattoo, making sure not to include anything too identifiable like their face and you’re good to go. To give clues to your players, it might also be a good idea to include an anonymous quote from the celebrity explaining the reasoning behind their tattoo, which can often be more embarrassing than the tattoo itself.

quiz rounds

If you were looking for virtual quiz round ideas for your next Zoom group call, I hope you picked some ideas from this article that you can use. And if you were just reading this article for fun, maybe we have inspired you to create and host your own Zoom quiz. Good luck and have fun playing with your friends!


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